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Rocco Menaguale was born and raised in Rochester New York; He moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1999 and now calls Phoenix his home.  He is currently a registered Arizona Architect and artist.  Although Rocco’s career has had a strong architectural influence, his artistic passion has been a major influence on all his design work and a key driving force throughout his life.  He is a self and formally taught artist and architect holding a Master’s degree in architecture from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from State University of New York at Buffalo.  Throughout his education and career design and artistic expression have been primary.  Rocco established rocco designs in 2009 (a predominantly art focused business) and it has been growing steadily since it’s conception. 
Rocco’s art is influenced by nature, organic forms, microbiology, and celestial objects.  The art is conceptual in nature and speaks to the ideas of zooming far in and far out.  It also exhibits the concepts of separation and union acting simultaneously to create a whole.  Rocco’s choice of shape, color, and pattern also demonstrate concepts such as love, seasonal change, emotional migration, social constructs, birth, and more…
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