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Jack Mario is an internationally known spiritual medium, recognized for his detailed accuracy and grounded approach. Through his work, Jack has been featured on ABC, various radio shows, and spoken at Spiritualist churches and multiple Arizona colleges. 

Since childhood, Jack has been interacting with those in spirit world. When he was 14 years old, sitting at a school lunch table, Jack gave his first reading to two schoolmates. Word spread and other schoolmates wanted to know who was around them and what he saw in their lives. This caught the attention of their families as well as teachers through Jack's high school career. Many who experienced his connection at that time urged him to pursue a career in mediumship. Three weeks after Jack's high school graduation he saw his first paying client.

​For the last decade he has provided private sessions and traveled the country performing audience readings. Jack now has an office in Phoenix, AZ where he continues to offer private readings and group events, connecting as many as he can to their loved ones in spirit world to remind them of their own connection.
Jack Mario
Spiritual Medium