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BlooLotus Yoga!

My name is Tashira and I go by Shi for short. I am an Air Force Veteran, licensed practical nurse, Ayurvedia Counselor, and a yoga/meditation instructor. I completed my Yoga teacher certification under intense training in Bali, Indonesia allowing me to completely immerse myself in the practice, study and the culture, free from worldly distractions and the juggling of study with life's demands. 

My focus is Hatha/Tantra Yoga and my ultimate goal and life purpose is to assist my fellow humans in cultivating awareness within their physical, mental and energetic bodies. Although I offer group classes, I specialize in one on one private yoga coupled with Ayurvedic counseling. I am here to guide you in achieving optimal health and wellness. 

The use of Yoga and Ayurveda as a tool to assist self discovery and mastery is an eastern medicinal practice and mental science that allows us to treat our physical, mental and energetic ailments and imbalances from the root. I was called to share this way of healing with the world. I am here to introduce you to your innate healing abilities. ~Namaste